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5th Edition Luxury Shed Calendar Luxury Shed Calendar 2007
The fifth edition of the Luxury Shed Calendar celebrates 12 more fine examples of allotment architecture, ingenious efforts of human engineering and building innovation, captured within a Luxury Calendar. An ideal gift for both shed owners, aspiring shed owners and the curious. Each illustrious structure is accompanied by a brief and concise synopsis. For example, in the month of January you are treated to the formidable presence of the 'Hamilton':

‘Lord Hamilton commissioned the construction of this unique pile in 1962 to house his extraordinary Museum of Compost. Rotting vegetation and kitchen scraps were displayed in glazed mahogany cabinets for all to see. Only a year later, it was nearly destroyed by leaking methane igniting and causing a huge explosion! Confused by the drama of the event, the Lord exclaimed "Excuse the wife; she's not been the same since the sherry trifle!"’

Also included for each month are handy little reminders. For example:. For example:

12th May - 'Check looseness of door hinges'. 9th July - 'Potter about in shed all day'.

Scroll down and marvel at the sheer splendour of the sheds included with this unique calendar. The months of April, May and November are linked to a larger image.
Calendars measure approx. A4 (297mm x 210mm)

hamilton mountview chesterfield rochester
hamilton mountview chesterfield rochester
January February March April

emerald rathmore commander barrister
emerald rathmore commander barrister
May June July August

chatsworth chamberlain galliant ministerial
chatsworth chamberlain galliant ministerial
September October November December

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