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Luxury Shed Calendar 2003
The Luxury Shed Calendar 2003, the very first Luxury Shed Calendar, features 12 fine examples of custom built allotment architecture, with customised names to match! Each illustrious structure is accompanied by a brief and concise synopsis. For example, in the month of January you are treated to the formidable presence of the 'Consulate':

"Using materials that some would credit as a mere 'barrier to passage', the Consulate turns a simple door motif into a timeless puzzle. 'Ou est le way in?' King Louis XVII..

Also included for each month are those all-important gardening and shed activity reminders. For example:

anuary 6th - 'Measure Cobweb'. February 22nd - 'Arrange collection of empty jam jars'.

Scroll down and marvel at the sheer splendour of these images included with the calendar. January, July and September are linked to a larger image.
Also for reference, here is a full 'preview page for January' from the Luxury Shed Calendar 2003.
Calendars measure approx. A4 (297mm x 210mm)

Consulate Diplomat Excallabur Viceroy
Consulate Diplomat Excallabur Viceroy
January February March April

Grosvenor Regal Imperial Emperor
Grosvenor Regal Imperial Emperor
May June July August

Regency Excallabur Amabassador Royale
Regency Excallabur Amabassador Royale
September October November December

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