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Greeting Cards
An all in one, 3 tick, time saving, economy greetings card!

Transglobal Emporium has secured exclusive UK rights to distribute the Econoshop Time Savers Greetings Card!

In this age of the busy, modern lifestyle, we all appreciate time is of the essence.

We've all experienced the frantic sprinting up and down the isles of our local greetings card shop, unable to find that special card for the special person in our life, or for that special occasion, and have found nothing that really expresses what we want to say.

We've all experienced the seemingly endless aeons spent transfixed, with pen poised, pondering on what to write inside greetings cards (and with only 5 minutes left of the lunch hour!).

The creative team at Econoshop have devised an ingenious greetings card solution to suit all these requirements in one fell swoop!

The Econoshop Time Savers Greetings Card says it all in 3 quick and easy ticks! With over 130 carefully prepared multiple choice tick boxes combined - for the recipient, event or occasion - and even a choice of sender! Your greetings card dilemma is solved in seconds!

"Econoshop Time Savers Greetings Card! Job done in 3 Ticks"

Time Savers Greetings Card
Time Savers Greetings Cards

1 Tick for the recipient,
1 Tick for the occasion
1 Tick for the sender.

This time saving cards features a handy list with tick boxes on the front, for the recipient of your choice. Most relationships, connections, aliases, and descriptions are included for family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, mates, and even a few of the more difficult to find a card for recipients.

Another useful list with tick boxes is included on the inside covering almost every occasion, event, celebration and reason to send a card. To complete the card, a repeat of the carefully chosen list and tick boxes as on the front, is included covering almost every choice of sender. A quick, easy, and economical solution to all your greeting card dilemmas! Including Christmas!

A preview of the inside of the card.

Size: A5 (Approx. 148mm x 210mm)

Image info: The quality of the card image is reduced for display on the internet. The print quality on the actual card is far superior!

Special offer on 5-card packs £3.99 (previously £4.25) with FREE UK P&P!
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Licensed exclusively in the UK to Transglobal Emporium

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