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Transglobal Emporium Update
Transglobal Emporium (TGE) are very grateful to all customers for their continued interest and support since the business was established in 2002. Normal services will be resumed in due course.

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TGE Luxury Scarecrow Calendar 2011 featured in Amature Gardening Magazine
November 2010
The Luxury Scarecrow Calendar 2011 is featured in the November 27th edition of the Amature Gardening Magazine, Britain's best-selling weekly gardening magazine.
Transglobal Emporium Calendars Press Coverage
December 2008 - March 2010
The Transglobal Emporium Calendars have been well received by the press, including features in The Daily Record and the Sun. The Luxury Shed Calendar was included within an article in the Independent called 'What your calendar says about you'. Transglobal Emporium were interviewed on the Fred MacAulay show, BBC Radio Scotland regarding the phenomenal new Luxury Skip Calendar. Transglobal Emporium were also were interviewed on the James Hazell show, BBC Radio Suffolk regarding the infamous Luxury Shed Calendar.
Transglobal Emporium are proud to present our first video production - The Skips
December 2008.
The Skips - An all new video production from Transglobal Emporium is released world-wide on Narrowscreen! The start of a new reality show featuring security camera footage from a recycling centre. Recovered, converted and edited from a stack of Betamax video tapes, Transglobal Emporium are proud to show this fascinating insight into the world of skipkeeping and recycling - all from the inside of a Portacabin office!
Luxury Skip Calendar 2009, featured on Pual O'Grady Television Show
November 2008.
The Luxury Skip Calendar 2009 was featured on the ITV1 Paul O'Grady Television Show, 13th November 2008. Paul was amazed that such a calendar is available and joked "I don't think I've slept in any of these skips, these are all in the country, I've only slept in town skips!"
Luxury Skip Calendar 2009, featured in Master Builder Magazine
November 2008.
Luxury Skip Calendar 2009 is featured in the News section of the November 2008 edition of the Master Builder Magazine. The magazine of the Federation of Master Builders. "Forget the usual wall planner for the office, have a look at the 2009 Luxury Skip Calendar. This calendar is a hilarious observation of 12 skips on location."

For more news and views on all aspects of the UK building Trade, visit:
Luxury Skip Calendar 2009, featured in Roofing Magazine
November 2008.
Luxury Skip Calendar 2009 is featured in the News section of the November 2008 edition of Roofing Magazine. "The 2009 Luxury Skip Calendar is a perfect gift for all skip users."

Luxury Skip Calendar 2009, featured on biglorryblogg
October 2008.
Daily deliberations on the road haulage industry with a delightful drizzle of diesel from Commercial Motor Editor Brian Weatherley, Truck & Driver Editor Will Shiers and others.
"Hot on the heels of the world's first 'Luxury Shed Calendar' in 2003 comes the kind of calendar we've all been waiting for (well Biglorryblog has been waiting for anyway). Yes it's the 2009 Luxury Skip Calendar from Transglobal Emporium."

2009 Transglobal Emporium Luxury Calendars published!
September 2008.
Transglobal Emporium are proud to announce the keenly awaited publication of the Luxury Calendar range for 2009. See our exciting 2008 range of Luxury Calendars on our products page. The regular favourites return, plus an all new guest title for 2008 - The Luxury Skip Calendar 2009!

The Luxury Skip Calendar 2009 - A humourous observation of 12 Skips on location, captured within a Luxury Calendar. Ideal for anyone in the building trade as well as for the neighbour with a skip parked in their front garden for weeks! This unique calendar is poised to be a world leader in skip calendars!
Shed of the Year Competition.
Luxury Shed Calendar 2008 featured in Garden Answers Magazine
December 2007
The Luxury Shed Calendar 2008 is a recommended gift in the Christmas Gifts section of Garden Answers. Visit for more gardening info and news.
Luxury Shed Calendar 2007 Mentioned on the Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 show
15th May 2007
Chris Evans asks Jonny Saunders what items he could put in his new shed, a listener kindly sent Jonny a Luxury Shed Calendar 2007!

Chris mentions how the sheds in the calendar look beautiful in their own way. Jonny added the sheds were full of character and hoped his shed could be in the next edition of the calendar!

Also sent in were the Luxury Shed Christmas Cards, which Chris was amazed about, he probably hadn't seen our unique Luxury Shed Christmas Cards before!

We hope Jonny enjoys his Luxury Shed Calendar 2007 and the Luxury Shed Christmas Cards go down well over the festive season.

Thanks to the listener for sending in the Luxury Shed Calendar 2007 and Luxury Shed Christmas Cards!
Luxury Calendar Archive Take a look back through some idiosyncratic elements of British history, all captured within our Luxury Calendars. All our previous unique publications are now included within the Luxury Calendar Archive!
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