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Please find below a selection of the comments that have been sent to Transglobal Emporium about the our unique products, from customers and enthusiasts alike. If you would like to send us your comments, please contact us.

09/01/2009 Love the humour of these calendars and we are doing alterations to our house so skips are part of our life at the moment, he he! Carla Smith. Glous.
14/12/2008 I bought 2 to of your calenders last year & they were very well received. They are both funny & practical. Michael James Grimmer. Lancs
30/11/2008 I buy from you every year, my husband loves your calendar - like the new skip one! Dr Cindy Wells. Cambridge
26/11/2008 I laughed out loud at these and think you're onto a winner. The world needs more crap. Martin Alexander. West Yorkshire
10/11/2008 I've been purchasing your products for several years and I am extremely satusfied. They are great. Thank you. Leslie Darbon. Surrey
08/10/2008 I have for a number of years bought your Calenders from Waterstones George Street Edinburgh Last year they did not have any!! Panic. So decided to purchase this way.Carol Gortmans. Edinburgh
12/02/2008 Your calendar is just brilliant, my mother and i laugh and laugh, especially since we have a shed worthy of your wonderful product. Excellent. Derek O'Donnell. Surrey
24/11/2007 Ignore email of 30 seconds ago! After looking all day in shops and on the web I found your 2008 caravans within seconds. There must be a moral there somewhere. Dr Steve Mills. Milford Stafford.
29/12/2008 I just want to say that your Shed Calendar is a work of Rankinesque genius. I found it by sheer serendipity this morning; sadly it was the single remaining copy in the shop or I should have been tempted to buy several. Miss Sarah McEvoy. S. Yorks
09/11/2007 Hey these are great we buy the Shed Calendar every year for a true shed fan in our office be great if you could name one of the sheds King next year after him ha ha ...........
12/12/2007 fabulous, been buying them my man for years, fantastic. i love them so does he. Michelle Inez Oxley. West Yorkshire
03/12/007 I've been buying your products for a number of years now, your caravan calendar is a firm favourite with my father who is in his eighties! Josephine Chapman. Aberdeenshire
15/11/2007 I've purchased these calendars for the past 3 years - they are super! - and go down well with the recipients. Thank you. Leslie Darbon. Surrey
12/10/2007 I think your productrs are Ace and add to the joy of living. Mrs S Ayling. Essex.
30 April 2007 "Got given the caravan callinder as a present. My nik name is Gipsy so anything to do with them i get in present form. It made me laugh so much thought it was such a good idear to take photos of things that hav been forgoten about. Cant wait for 08 one now. Id like to see all the caravans in blank card form now that would be crackin. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the laughs!!!" Mr. G Bennett. Surrey
30 December 2006 "The shed on my allotment no longer looks seedy! Every month on the calendar is a gem amazing workmanship MFI have so much to learn." Mr. D Gibbs. Hertfordshire
13 October 2006 "I welcome the opportunity to share once again your wonderful calendars with those undeserving poor who, by dint of educational deficit have not been privvy to the experience." Mr. I. Frearson. Derby
13 October 2006 "What joy to discover the new boat calendar. Having long been an aficionado of both shed and caravan calendars I am overwhelmed with delight at the latest addition. I'm off to order at once." Ms. C. Aucott. London
23 September 2006 "We received 2006 Luxury Caravan calendar as a wedding gift from a friend having lived in our caravan (we're v posh you see) for seven months during our house refurbishment. I can't throw it away - I laugh and laugh and laugh - as well as finding it extremely useful!! Can't wait for the next ones!" Mrs S Bourne. Devon
28 August 2006 "Great calendars and cards. Enjoyed by us and special friends. Multi-purpose cards yet to be sent! Sheds and caravans being assessed for forwarding to your good selves. The 2007 selection is eagerly awaited as this will provide us with Christmas gifts for our special friends. Yours eagerly Graham." Mr G Mc Millan-Cox. Leicestershire
7 February 2006 "Excellent Calendar - so funny. As caravanners found it most amusing - passed your website on to other caravanners on holiday recently who were very impressed when they saw your Calendar hanging up in 'Doris'" Ms J Rose. Bedfordshire
04 January 2006 "What a wonderful idea.. just love it! so romantic - I think!" Ms V Rogers. Dorset
03 January 2006 "This is our second one of your exquisite, as well as functional revelations of the cultural heritage of this great nation." Ms J Whitlam. Hertfordshire
03 January 2006 "Third year of purchase. It brightens up my day ! (mind you I am an accountant so I guess it doesn't take much ...ha !)" Mr D Riley. Surrey
04 December 2005 "Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without yer fab calendars.." Mr G Johnson. Scotland
24 November 2005 "Bought both from Waterstone's last year, took a chance 2006 versions would be on the internet and was delighted to find this site." Miss J M Chapman. Scotland
23 November 2005 "A relative bought me my first calendar in 2003 who lives in Norway and was told about your site by the UK Ambassador to Norway." Ms T Iles. Kent
22 November 2005 "I have never sent a gift that has been less appreciated, wonderful! Am giving exactly the same this year" Miss C Hemming. Bucks
18 November 2005 "This is my third calendar. There great!." Mr Kniveton. Essex
16 November 2005 "In a time when irreverence is an endangered species, thank you for keeping it alive!!!!!!" Ms M Austen. San Francisco. USA.
11 October 2005 "Have thoroughly enjoyed my Shed Calendar, and my friend has enjoyed his Caravan Calendar. Looking forward to next year's." Ms L Mason. Lancashire
27 September 2005 "We were lucky enough to receive your 2005 Sheds as a wedding present. Absolute class. I must know when the 2006s will be available!!." Mrs J Broughton. Lanarkshire
20 September 2005 "Please bring out a shed calendar for 2006!!" Ms H Ford. Norfolk
19 January 2005 "The Luxury Shed Calendar 2005, is the work of a genius - how often these days can you read something that avoids the crass and the vulgar and gives you a genuine belly laugh. As a woman married to a shed man and who works with a shed man, it struck many chords!" Mrs Whitfield. Surrey
4 January 2005 "I love your work, makes me happy all year!" Ms S Baker. East Sussex
31 December 2004 "At my age (60) I don't expect to be excited by the average present, therefore the so called unexpected is usually the one that turns one around. The Luxury Shed Calendar 2005; has certainly given me a lot of pleasure." Mr Correia. Ireland
21 December 2004 "Bought one last year and thoroughly enjoyed using it, has been the source of much conversation over the year." Ms S Ives. Norfolk
20 December 2004 "This is my favourite calendar ever. I can't imagine a year without it." Ms S Tucker. Oxford
10 December 2004 "I'm glad your range is growing. Keep up the good work. Your products always raise a smile at Christmas." Mr T C Read. Cambridgeshire.
07 December 2004 "I received the new calendar today and having read it I had to thank the entire team who put this wonderful work of art together. It made me laugh out loud! The 2004 calendar was much admired and has been used by my husband in his office in the attic. We have two 'sheds' in the garden. I am eternally grateful to Gardeners World magazine for introducing me to your wonderful calendar and I have got one Christmas present sorted." Mrs M Alcock. Kent
07 December 2004 "3rd year of purchases they are a treat at work and viewing each new month has become a ritual with my colleagues..(yes I know its sad but I am only an accountant !) " Mr D Riley. Surrey
05 December 2004 "always so appreciated by our caravan and shed mania family members" Mrs Kobish. Hertfordshire
04 December 2004 "The current Luxury Shed Calendar 2004, which takes pride of place in my wife's shed, (she insists on calling the edifice a 'summerhouse'), has given much pleasure to many people during this year. I have just received the 2005 edition, which will assume its rightful place as the centrepiece of attention in this hive of the utmost cultural creativity for the coming year. Your calendars and the interest and amusement it inspires, by encouragement to my wife to exercise her abilities in the shed. Please reassure me that you are going to produce Luxury Shed Calendar 2006. A cheque, for a vast sum, no matter how great, payable to you, has already been earmarked for this vital purpose." Mr DB Lowbridge, Staffs.
01 December 2004 "I am a loyal customer, using your calendars as Christmas presents every year - and I still have a few friends left." P Lynch, East Sussex.
29 November 2004 "really enjoyed the shed calendar so thought caravan would be fun." Mrs m Aldis, Bedfordshire.
29 November 2004 "Third year of purchase and looks just as good as ever. " Mr Frearson, Derbyshire.
28 November 2004 "Congratulations on the expanded range" F Howard, Nottinghamshire.
27 November 2004 "Loved last years calendars & multi purpose greetings card, so another order for you." Mr N Bennett, Bicester.
27 November 2004 "Reordering after success of last years presents - love the cards" Ms L Crane, Leicestershire.
26 November 2004 "i have been waiting for your email for weeks . I have bought from you for the last 2 years. Original and brilliant! thanks again." Mr M Tomlin, Bristol.
26 November 2004 "Very popular with our family, I will return to look at the greeting cards after Xmas." Mrs Davies, Wales.
13 November 2004 "I am an existing customer who has purchased for the previous two years for myself and friends and remain highly entertained by your fine products." Mr M Turner. Wakefield.
11 November 2004 "These calendars just seem to fit with the people I send them to every year, like an extension of their characters!!!" Mr P Robinson. Yorkshire.
11 November 2004 "Bought last years (caravan calendar) - loved it." Mr P Welham. Canada.

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