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About Transglobal Emporium
Transglobal Emporium Transglobal Emporium (TGE) was founded in 2002 with a mission to produce alternative and high quality products with unparalleled content, opulence and value.
Luxury Calendars Transglobal Emporium entered the calendar market in 2002 with probably the first and only calendar of its type published anywhere in the whole world the - Luxury Shed Calendar 2003! Following on from the success of this unique title, Transglobal Emporium are proud to publish the 10th edition the - Luxury Shed Calendar 2012.

Another Transglobal Emporium 'world first style' initiative brought the Luxury Caravan Calendar 2004, which in 2013 will also be in its 10th year! Take a look at the stunning Luxury Caravan Calendar 2013 as well as the Luxury Shed Calendar for 2013.

Take a look back through some idiosyncratic elements of British history and culture captured within our Luxury Calendars. All our previous unique publications are now included within the Luxury Calendar Archive.
Luxury Greeting Cards After conducting extensive research into the greeting card market, Transglobal Emporium discovered a potential gap within the choice of greeting cards available from most high street stores. In response, Transglobal Emporium offer a unique range of Luxury Greeting Cards featuring Luxury Sheds and some alternative themes for special occasions. To complement the range, Transglobal Emporium also publish an all-in-one, multipurpose greeting card for those with little time on their hands - the Time Savers Greeting Card.

All in all, an ideal greeting card solution for those people for whom you find choosing a suitable card more of challenge.
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